If you don't take advantage of an opportunity you have spotted, the chances are that someone else will. Never let an opportunity pass you by.


Ideas are what fuels the world. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Which one are you ?


To be successful, you must adopt a mentality of success. A positive mental attitude is the most import ingredient for the recipe of success.

What is 34.uk ?

34.uk is a privately owned digital media company founded by Swansea based entrepreneur and investor Frank Paul.
Frank owns, operates and controls a number of digital assets including e-commerce websites, information websites, lead generation websites and premium twitter accounts with 100,000's of followers, however his core online business is buying, selling and leasing premium generic domain names. Over the past decade, Frank both invested and was involved in a large number premium domain names of which the majority have now been sold as his interests now lie in other areas.

Got an idea ?

34.uk is always looking for new ideas and opportunities, so if you have an idea which you think would be of interest then please get in touch. We currently work with people all over the world (including some well known celebrities)

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